Election Day Volunteering

Election Day Volunteering



Across the Chagrin Gateway Area

Sign up to volunteer on Election Day. We need folks to do the following:

Work the Polls – Our plan for Election Day is to fill shifts with at least one volunteer at priority precincts (we will try to staff two when possible). Volunteers will hold signs and make sample ballots available to Democratic supporters on their way in.

Make Phone Calls – We will begin making phone calls at 10AM and running throughout the day. You will receive at least one batch of calls (appx 50 names, more if you’d like more) to make during the day. The script is simple…we remind them that the polls are open until 7:30pm, that they can’t be refused a vote if they are in line by 7:30pm, and that they can vote provisionally if they requested a ballot and did not return it. We’ll also remind them where they vote this year. Once you’ve made the call, we’re done with that voter for 2020.

Rover – We’re looking for one to two cars per shift. The rover will distribute snacks (fruit, donuts, etc.) water, and coffee to our poll workers during the day. Expect to cover 3 to 4 polling locations during your shift. Your car will also have signs and literature for shift workers. You may also help provide a restroom break for the poll worker and take their spot for a short time. You are also the eyes and ears of our club’s campaign reporting things that are out of place or issues occurring at a polling location.

Chagrin Gateway Dems Newsletter: 7/21/22

Chagrin Gateway Dems Newsletter: 7/21/22

House Republicans are at it again. Every week, they’re pushing the limits and eroding democracy. While you’re tuning in for the¬†January 6th Committee hearings, take a look at some of the nonsense happening when the cameras are off.

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